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The heart of continuous casting billet heating furnace

The heart of continuous casting billet heating furnace

Forever is a professional manufacturer of induction heating equipment for billets, which has fully automatic production and the induction billet heater is intelligent controlled by PLC, the computer monitoring induction heat heating process throughout the whole process. Forever has a professional engineer team that has years of experience for induction heating technology. Fully automatic feeding, heating, the whole process of unmanned operation, perfect power control model to ensure the accuracy of continuous casting billet heating furnace temperature control. What is the heart of the continuous casting billet heating furnace?

The coil of continuous casting billet heating furnace is the heart of induction furnace. Induction coil produces a strong magnetic field under the action of electric current. This magnetic field makes the metal in furnace produce eddy current and heat up. Coil is the key to convert electric energy into heat energy, so the coil design of steel billet induction reheating furnace is very important. The coil of the continuous casting billet heating furnace is a better design which is determined according to the principle of electromagnetic field and the calculation of computer software. The error between the design power of induction coil and the actual operation power is less than 2%. The coil insulation, especially the inter-turn insulation, is adopted advanced insulation treatment to ensure that special clamping technology can effectively reduce the axial vibration of the coil. The inner wall of induction coil is coated with imported high temperature resistant insulation material and equipped with leakage alarm system, which can effectively prevent the induction heating furnace of billet from wearing through the furnace.

The ratio of inner diameter of inductor coil to outer diameter of billet is within a reasonable range, which is designed according to the process parameters provided by users. The inductor coil is made of T2 rectangular copper tube with large cross-section after annealing, which is winded, pickled, tested by water pressure, baked, mica tape, and so on. The coil is made by multiple insulation, drying, knotting, assembling and so on. Then it is fixed as a whole. The whole inductor is made into a rectangular body with its vibration resistance and integrity. Both ends of the inductor are protected by copper plate, which can effectively prevent electromagnetic radiation from harming operators. So the heart of the continuous casting billet heating furnace is inductor coil.



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