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The characteristics of automatic heating equipment for steel pipe

steel pipe medium frequency heating equipment is a mature heating equipment, which has the characteristics of fast heating speed, easy operation, energy conservation and environmental protection, and has won a lot of reputation for medium frequency heating furnaces.

The characteristics of automatic steel pipe induction heating furnace include:

1. The intermediate frequency heating furnace can design the heating rhythm based on productivity, and the heating speed is designed according to the heating power, heating temperature, and weight of the heated workpiece. The heating speed can reach up to 1 second and can be adjusted arbitrarily.

2. The automatic heating equipment for steel pipes can work continuously for 24 hours, using the principle of electromagnetic induction to quickly induce large eddy currents inside the metal material in an alternating magnetic field, thereby heating the metal material until it melts. It is also an electromagnetic induction heating equipment that can penetrate non-metallic materials and rapidly heat the metal material locally or completely.

3. Automated heating equipment for steel pipes rarely encounters problems. If there are problems, 90% are caused by insufficient water pressure or flow rate. It is recommended to use an internal circulation water system, which is a closed cooling tower, to cool the intermediate frequency heating furnace. This can greatly improve power supply stability, be economical, and have high cost-effectiveness.

4. The Steel pipe induction heating furnace has a wide heating range and can have various forms of heating methods. It can heat various types of workpieces (replace detachable induction rings according to the shape of the workpiece), such as end heating, overall heating, and so on.

5. The intermediate frequency heating furnace belongs to direct heating because the internal heating of the metal is divided into two types, and there is no heat loss caused by radiation conduction heating. Therefore, it consumes less electricity, has less heat loss, and has lower specific friction. The energy consumption is 20% -30% less than other similar products, reducing production costs.

6. The intermediate frequency heating furnace has good heating permeability, good heating uniformity, and high overall effect. The automatic heating equipment for steel pipes heats very evenly (or by adjusting the density of the induction coil to obtain the desired temperature for each part of the workpiece), with fast heating, less oxide layer, and no waste after annealing.

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