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The advantages of Forever quench and temper line

The advantages of Forever quench and temper line


Compared with other manufacturer quench and temper line, Forever quench and temper line has the following advantages:

1.Forever quench and temper line includes mechanical automatic feeder, induction heater, quenching ring, automatic unloading machine, walking beam cooling table, which only 1-2 employees to operate.

2 .Equipped with automatic central control system, it can realize automatic power lifting, automatic temperature regulation, automatic alarm and reset.

3. Equipped with a full set of intelligent control system. The system can save the parameters for 30 days. When you need to recall the previous parameters record, you can operate on the console.Also you can connect it with computer.

Forever quench and temper line can be used for bars, pipes and tube induction heat treating process such as quenching, tempering, annealing and so on .Welcome your inquiry.

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