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Summit confrontation, amazing world ! Teach you to choose the right plate induction quenching furnace to do quenching for plate/sheet !

Summit confrontation, amazing world ! Teach you to choose the right plate induction quenching furnace to do quenching for plate/sheet !

Hebei Forever is a manufacturer of induction heating equipment in China, plate induction quenching furnace is a common heat treatment equipment, which is used for quenching process for various material and sizes of plate or sheet. The Min. thickness that it can do is 5mm. After quenching with our plate induction quenching furnace, the plate surface will have good flatness and no deformation. So far, we have produced more than 20 sets of plate induction quenching furnace for different uses, and they got good feedback from our customers.

The process of plate induction heat treatment furnace is mainly applied to the steel plate quenching heat treatment, so that the workpiece changes its own performance, to achieve the required performance characteristics. When the user selects the plate induction quenching furnace, first of all, he must make clear the process parameters of his metal workpiece, output, the heating temperature of processing required. The customer can provide their parameters or we can give reasonable design for the capacity as per his application. Hebei Forever Engineer can provide users with free parameters of plate induction quenching furnace design solutions and quotations.

Of course, users are always concerned about the price of induction heating equipment when they buy plate induction quenching furnace. In this respect, I don’t think it is necessary for users to always seek low-cost machines. The same induction heating equipment, different configuration in the price of choice is also different. It is reasonable to believe that better quality will have higher cost. The quality produced by different manufacturers of induction heating equipment is different, and the components used are also different. All the components of machines produced by Forever adopt international famous brands to ensure the parts and components.

What’s more, one powerful after-sales service team can avoid many troubles for users. It is not just the technician go to user’s plant for installation and adjusting, we will also give professional training to the operators and make sure they can work independently after we leave. In case of any quality problem or failure, we will response within 24 hours for your call. 


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