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Sucker rod induction heat treatment production line

Introduction to the sucker rod heat treatment furnace

The Sucker rod induction heat treatment production line is a non-standard induction heating equipment, mainly designed and manufactured for quenching, tempering and other heat treatments of sucker rods. It can meet the heat treatment needs of various specifications of sucker rods, replacing traditional well type furnaces, trolley type furnaces, box type electric furnaces and other heat treatment furnaces. It is also the mainstream equipment for heat treatment and heating of sucker rods at present.

Function of the sucker rod hardening and tempering furnace: improving the mechanical properties of the workpiece, making it have good tensile, bending, fatigue resistance, and increased wear resistance

▲ Workpiece specifications: medium 16~32mm

▲ Production efficiency: 20 pieces/hour

▲ Equipment purpose: The processing temperature and hardness of the rod head and body are consistent

▲ Applicable workpieces: D-grade and HY grade hollow sucker rods sucker-rod-induction-hardening-and-tempering-machine

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