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Steel wire heat treatment production line

FOREVER is a steel wire heat treatment production line manufacturer specialized in mechanical and electrical engineering. The manufacturer sells directly, the price is preferential, the production experience is rich, and the steel wire heat treatment production line is of high quality and low price. Professional engineers customize the steel wire medium frequency heat treatment equipment according to your process needs to meet your different process needs. Welcome to inquire!


Main features of steel wire heat treatment production line:

1. Digital air-cooled induction heating power supply control of steel wire heat treatment production line, energy saving, environmental protection and low power consumption;

2. Fast heating speed, less oxidation and decarbonization, high production efficiency and energy-saving raw materials;

3. Stable and uniform heating, high temperature control accuracy, small temperature difference and no pollution;

4. Fully automatic intelligent man-machine interface PLC control program has the function of “one key start”;

5. The steel wire  heat treatment production line has complete protection functions, automatic alarm function for remote extension equipment failure, and strong operation reliability;

6. Automatic feeding, 24-hour continuous work, saving power, environmental protection, reducing costs and labor expenses.


After sales service commitment of steel wire heat treatment production line:

1. The steel wire heat treatment production line shall be repaired free of charge for non-human damage within 12 months and maintained for life.

2. Free training of operation and maintenance personnel and long-term technical support and services.

3. The operation manual and equipment list of steel wire heat treatment production line will be provided free of charge.

4. If the induction heating equipment fails, it shall be solved by telephone within 2 hours. If it fails, technicians shall be sent to the site within 24 hours to eliminate the fault.

5. FOREVER provides 24-hour after-sales and technical support services, and starts up normally on holidays.


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