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steel plate medium frequency heating equipment

High quality steel plate medium frequency Induction heating equipment manufacturer Hebei YUANTUO Electromechanical, YUANTUO has many years of production experience in induction heating equipment,Induction heat treatment furnace, forging diathermy equipment, quenching and tempering heat treatment production line. The old brand manufacturers and professional engineers can customize the steel plate medium frequency heating equipment suitable for you according to your process requirements, so as to create high profits for you The heating equipment adopts the fully automatic intelligent control system with man-machine interface. One person can operate the whole set of steel plate medium frequency induction heating equipment.

Technical parameters of medium frequency induction heating equipment for steel plate:

Power supply system, 100kw-4000kw / 200hz-8000hz intelligent medium frequency induction heating power supply.

Workpiece material: carbon steel, alloy steel, high temperature alloy steel, etc.

Main use: used for heating of steel plate and slab.

Energy conversion: heating per ton of steel to 1150 ℃, power consumption.

Provide remote operation console with touch screen or industrial computer system according to user’s needs.

Steel plate medium frequency induction heating equipment has full digital, high depth adjustable parameters, so that you can control the equipment easily.

The formula management function and powerful formula management system can automatically call the relevant parameters after selecting the steel type and plate type parameters to be produced, so as to avoid manually recording, consulting and inputting the parameter values required by various workpieces




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