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Steel plate induction heating furnace

The steel plate heating equipment furnace is a non-standard medium frequency heating equipment that uses the principle of electromagnetic induction heating to heat steel plates. Commonly used in the pre forging heating, rolling heating, tempering heating, and hot stamping processes of steel plates, it has the characteristics of fast heating speed, uniform temperature, high automation, energy conservation and environmental protection.


一、 Technical requirements for steel plate Induction heating furnace:

1. Heating steel plate specification: length: 150mm -1500mm; Width: 200mm-1000mm;

Thickness 20mm -150mm

2. Heating temperature: 450 ℃ -1200 ℃

3. Heating power: 800Kw

4. Heating efficiency: 2t/h

5. Furnace cooling: HSBL type cooling system

6. Heating furnace control: Siemens PLC control system+infrared thermometer

二、 Applicable range of steel plate induction heating furnace:

Automobile leaf spring quenching and heating, steel plate quenching and heat treatment, thin plate hot rolling and railway pad heating, automobile bridge shell heating, bulldozer blade heating, steel plate heating, plate strip heating, automobile leaf spring heating, blade heating, and stainless steel plate heating.

三、 Heating process of Steel plate induction heating solution furnace:

1. The worker places the steel plate on the storage of the steel plate induction heating furnace, and then the automatic steel plate feeding system transfers the steel plate to the parallel rollers.

2. The induction heating system of the steel plate induction heating furnace, due to the stable operating speed of the parallel roller transmission system, will transport the steel plate in the induction heater. The infrared thermometer will automatically monitor and control the temperature measured, and the temperature will be automatically controlled during the temperature measurement process.

3. The heated steel plate will be sent out of the induction heater, and after being measured by a temperature gauge, the steel plate will be sent to the discharge parallel roller. Induction heating steel plate

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