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Steel plate induction hardening equipment

Steel plate induction quenching furnace

Uniform heating, high hardness after heat treatment, good wear resistance, no need for subsequent straightening

Workpiece specifications: 0.5 meters~3.5 meters

Equipment power: 100KW~1000KW

Production efficiency: 0.6t/h~2.5t/h

Ton power consumption: Ton power consumption 380-400 kWh

Characteristics of steel plate induction heating equipment

1. The operation panel adopts a color LCD display, a large-sized touch screen, a high-definition operation screen, and is equipped with a safety protection system for easy operation

2. A sound operating system with user-friendly design greatly shortens the preparation work for using devices. Advanced automatic diagnostic system assists operators in quickly controlling the performance of the machine.

3. Adopting an intelligent PLC control system to ensure the stability of the steel plate quenching production line

4. The feeding system adopts 304 non-magnetic stainless steel, which is wear-resistant and has a long service life.

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