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Steel plate heat treatment furnace has intelligent brain.

Steel plate heat treatment furnace has intelligent brain.

Intelligence can be said to be a very magical pronoun, just like our mobile phone. From the original phone can only answer the phone to smartphone now, which is convenient for our lives, but also changed our lives. In just a few years, the development and changes have been so great. Steel plate heat treatment furnace is so magical, from the original traditional heating equipment to the present intelligent induction heating steel plate heat treatment furnace, convenient for our countless heat treatment production enterprises.

Steel plate heat treatment furnace is not only a simple induction heat treatment furnace, it has an intelligent brain, which brings more value to heat treatment enterprises. The induction heat treatment furnace for steel plate saves 30% more electricity than tube type and 20% more than medium frequency thyristor type. It has stable performance, complete protection and high safety. The heating speed is fast, no oxide layer, small deformation, small volume, light weight, easy installation. The inductor is isolated by transformer to ensure safety. Induction plate heating furnace has no pollution, noise and dust. It is very environmentally friendly and eliminates heat treatment pollution. The equipment is adaptable and customized according to the needs of users. Temperature and heating time of induction heating equipment for steel plate can be accurately controlled to ensure high quality and stability of products.

Intelligent manufacturing of steel plate heat treatment furnace can improve production capacity, reduce defective rate, at the same time, reduce labor costs and increase average output. Automatic digitized intelligent steel plate heat treatment furnace is applied in heat treatment enterprises, which greatly improves the quality and production efficiency of heat treatment products. It also brings higher interest value to enterprises.

Forever mechanical equipment is a heat treatment equipment with intelligent brain, this equipment has been widely praised since it entered the market. We are based on advanced induction heating technology, first-class equipment quality, and perfect after-sales service to win the high trust of users. Over the years of development, we have already formed a complete and strict quality management production system to ensure that each of the factory equipment safe and smooth delivery to the hands of users. Welcome to contact with us for more details and videos.



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