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steel pipe heat treatment hardening furnace

The Steel pipe hardening furnace adopts energy-saving IGBT induction heating power control, which is more than 35% energy-saving compared to ordinary power sources. It has high production efficiency and strong adaptive ability. The quality of the Forever steel pipe heat treatment quenching furnace is excellent, efficient and energy-saving, and after-sales service is complete. There are various induction heating equipment to choose from. Customize a suitable quenching furnace for steel pipe heat treatment according to your process requirements.

Configuration and composition of Steel pipe quenching heat treatment furnace:

1. Frequency air-cooled or water-cooled induction heating power supply range: igbt200-1500KW

2. Induction heater

3. Quenching inductor (including capacitor bank, water circuit, gas circuit, etc.)


4. Closed cooling system for pipe induction heat treatment furnace

5. Copper bar connecting wire (connection between power cabinet and induction furnace)

6. Input and output system (the roller table is made of 304 non-magnetic stainless steel material, with the workpiece rotating and feeding at an equal speed, and running smoothly with adjustable speed, more uniform heating, corrosion resistance, and long service life)

7. The central console (including variable frequency speed regulation and temperature control, Huayan industrial control computer, remote start, etc.) is used to directly operate the entire induction quenching equipment on the central console. Only one person is needed to operate the entire induction heating equipment, saving labor and costs.

8. Equipped with an American Raytheon infrared thermometer to display the temperature of the workpiece in real-time, allowing the workpiece to observe the temperature uniformity at any time during the quenching process.

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