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Steel pipe hardening and tempering production line

Introduction to Steel pipe heat treatment equipment

The steel pipe hardening and tempering production line adopts the principle of electromagnetic induction to heat quenched and tempered steel pipes. The intelligent steel pipe quenching and tempering production line is a non standardized product. In the early stage of technical communication, parameters such as heating temperature, heating speed, pipe specifications, etc. should be clearly defined, and heating power, feeding method, etc. can be determined to determine the parameter design of the steel pipe quenching and tempering production line, laying a foundation for the design, equipment manufacturing, debugging and maintenance, after-sales service, etc. of the steel pipe quenching and tempering production line.

Characteristics of Steel pipe induction ardening and tempering machine :

(1) Online continuous heating, quenching, and tempering, with high degree of automation.

(2) Heating adopts electromagnetic induction heating and spray cooling, with an efficiency 2-3 times higher than that of a resistance furnace.

(3) After quenching and tempering, the metallographic structure becomes finer, and the mechanical strength is 10-15% higher than that of resistance furnace treatment, resulting in good product consistency

(4) The complete set of equipment is equipped with a computer control system, which continuously monitors and automatically records power supply parameters, mechanical parameters, quenching and tempering heat treatment parameters, and fault alarms, achieving parameter plasticity.


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