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Steel pipe hardening and tempering production line

FOREVER Electromechanical Co., Ltd. specializes in the production of Steel pipe hardening and tempering equipment, and can provide customers with systematic process development, complete engineering design, equipment manufacturing, commissioning and maintenance, after-sales service, etc. For details of steel pipe heat treatment furnace, please consult FOREVER Electromechanical technicians. We provide reasonable quotation and scheme related to steel pipe hardening and tempering treatment line.


Note: The intelligent induction heating and tempering production line produced by FOREVER Electromechanical Co., Ltd. is a non calibrated and customized product. The engineer designs it in strict accordance with the parameters provided by the customer. The customer should provide detailed process parameters when consulting, such as workpiece specification, heating temperature, production efficiency and other special needs. For details, please contact FOREVER Electromechanical Engineer.

The steel pipe hardening and tempering equipment is an energy-saving intelligent automation equipment manufactured by FOREVER Electromechanical under the guidance of engineers. It is a solution selected by technicians for customers with rich technical experience. Some landmark projects in China mostly choose induction heating equipment of FOREVER Electromechanical.


The steel pipe hardening and tempering production line is composed of feeding mechanism, feeding structure, hardening induction heating system, hardening spray system, tempering induction heating system, discharging system and PLC console. The main console adopts Siemens PLC from Germany and Huayan Industrial Control System from Taiwan as the core control part to automatically match and adjust the mechanical operation parameters, hardening and tempering parameters, power supply, etc. of the whole system, and display, store and print the parameters.

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