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Steel pipe hardening and tempering furnace is a kind of heat treatment equipment with thoughts. Do you want it?

Steel pipe hardening and tempering furnace is a kind of heat treatment equipment with thoughts. Do you want it?

What do you think about thoughts? First of all, I think of human beings and think that thinking should be something that human beings should have. But this is not what we are talking about today, it is a kind of human-like, minded pipe hardening and tempering furnace, why did we say it is minded? Then look down.

Forever pipe hardening and tempering furnace is an intelligent automatic induction heat treatment furnace, the equipment mechanized automatic feeding, induction heating, spray quenching straightening, induction tempering, automatic unloading and other processes only need 1-2 employees to operate. The steel pipe hardening and tempering furnace is equipped with automatic central control system, which can realize automatic power rise and fall, automatic temperature adjustment, automatic fault alarm and reset. In case of problems, the equipment will prompt automatically, which is generally minded equipment. Equipped with a complete set of intelligent control system, computer control can be used to establish a database, heating status will rise, hold and cool according to the set temperature and time curve. And it can store the process parameters as a product process, convenient for future production of similar products process parameters call. The powerful memory function is invincible. Do you think it has ideas?

The quality of the workpiece processed by induction heating equipment of Forever. The automatic and intelligent production guarantees the stability of the product quality, the production efficiency and the electromagnetic induction heating method guarantees the environment not to be polluted and meets the production standards of the users. Forever induction heating equipment can provide a reliable means of production for mass production of steel pipes, replacing the original well furnace heating method and establishes a greater advantage for customers in the market competition. If you want to have a set of pipe hardening and tempering furnace, then we believe the minded equipment will be your ideal one. If you want to know more details, you are welcome to call the 24 hour free online customer service hotline anytime.



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