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Square tube quenching heat treatment equipment

square pipe induction heat treatment furnace

Improve the mechanical properties of square tubes to ensure good tensile, bending, fatigue resistance, and increased wear resistance

Workpiece specifications: 30×50, 40x 40, 20X20-200X200

Pipe wall thickness: 1mm~10mm

Power composition: 200KW~1000KW

Applicable workpieces: thin-walled rectangular tubes, square tubes, trailer anti-collision beam tubes, etc

square pipe heat treatment furnace

Introduction to square pipe hardening and tempering furnace

The square tube hardening production line is a specialized induction heating quenching equipment designed and manufactured for square tube quenching heat treatment. By using a medium frequency furnace for heating, the heating speed has been improved, and online heating rate has been achieved. Combined with automatic control, the intelligence level of the square tube quenching production line has been greatly upgraded, meeting the current automatic production requirements of intelligent factories.

Characteristics of the square tube quenching production line:

1. The operation panel adopts a color LCD display, a large-sized touch screen, a high-definition operation screen, and a safety protection system for easy operation.

2. The user-friendly design of a sound operating system greatly shortens the preparation work for using the device. Advanced automatic diagnostic system helps operators quickly control the performance of this machine.

3. Adopting an intelligent PLC control system to ensure the stability of the square tube production line.

4. The material conveying system adopts 304 non-magnetic stainless steel, which is wear-resistant and has a long service life.

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