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Square pipe heat treatment process–Forever proven design

Square pipe heat treatment process–Forever proven design

It’s common to see round steel bar and pipe induction heat treating process, but we believe you seldom hear about square pipe heat treatment process.  One month ago, one domestic customer called us for their square pipe heat treatment. When we told them we can produce square pipe heat treatment line, they came to visit our factory immediately. The reason is that other manufacturer of induction heat treating equipment can not meet their requirements in China. Only our company gave their promise, so they made the decision soon and had a meeting with our engineer team. 

square pipe heat treatment equipment

After this visit to our factory, the customer place an order with us for square pipe heat treatment line. Although our company have not this cases before, the customer believe that we can finish their project as we are very professional and experienced in the pipe induction heat treatment process. The most difficult part for this square pipe heat treatment project is the mechanical part design. And our mechanical engineer design solved this problem. 

Now the square pipe heat treatment line has been finished, the equipment didn’t let customer down and told us they are very satisfied.

We really thanks for our customer’s trust and support, at the same time we will try our best to meet customer’s requirements.

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Post time: 06-21-2017