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Round bar heat treatment line China manufacturer

Round bar heat treatment line China manufacturer


Forever IGBT medium frequency Round bar heat treatment line is popular at home and abroad as its reliable performance and high efficiency.

Superior performance of Round bar heat treatment line:

1.Low power consumption: generally saving 10%-20% than SCR TYPE
2.Full protection: with over-voltage, water shortage, over-current, overheating, lack of phase and light alarm system.
3. Used for quenching, tempering, forging & rolling for round bar below ø200mm

After sale service of Round bar heat treatment line

1.Technical after-sales service: professional engineers for perennial technical tracking service.
2. 3-5 days tracking period for tne new set of induction heat treating furnace.
3. Guarantee period of 12 months, providing life-long maintenance, maintenance services.
4. Responsible for installing, debugging and training.
5. We will give response within 24 hours after receiving customer’s information.
6.According to user requirements, timely concessions to provide spare parts, ensuring that the equipment can work in normal condition.

What’s more important is that every transformer of our round bar heat treatment line is used special customized transformer, which can reduce the effect to the grid greatly.

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