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Reduce equipment failure rate, induction heating furnace also needs maintenance

Reduce equipment failure rate, induction heating furnace also needs maintenance

As everyone knows, there is a big difference between people’s maintenance and non-maintenance. People’s good maintenance can look young and have longer life than non-maintenance. The same equipment maintenance can greatly increase its service life. Without maintenance, it can reduce the service life. In daily work, there will be some minor failures from time to time, which will affect your normal work. These days, many people come to consult our technicians and ask how to maintain the induction heating equipment. Today, we would like to take this opportunity to tell you how to maintain the induction heating equipment.

I. Regular Inspection Devices
Regular inspection of contactors, capacitors, inductors, thyristors, transistors, IGBT, STT, MOS, transformers, main circuit, functional board wiring connection is good or not. If loosening or poor contact occurs, timely modification and replacement can not be reluctantly used, in order to avoid major accidents.

2. Check the wiring connection of load regularly
When you use induction heating furnace, you should regularly check the contact condition of induction coil, in order to avoid contact loosening and affect the use.

3. Regular inspection of waterways
Regular inspection of the waterway should be carried out to check the scale and flow rate of the cooling waterway. We regularly inspect the scales in order to prevent the scales from blocking the waterway too much, thus affecting the use of equipment. At the same time, we need to check the water pipes to see if they are ageing. Once they are ageing, we need to replace them in time.

In order to keep the induction heating equipment in good working condition, can be used at any time, reduce the incidence of failure, improve the utilization rate of induction heating furnace, extend its service life, then the daily maintenance of induction heating furnace is indispensable, can not only be used, but also can not only be maintained.

The above is small common sense about the maintenance of steel bar induction heating furnace. Welcome to contact with us if you have any other questions. 


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