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Quench and temper line China – uniform heating & uniform cooling

Quench and temper line China – uniform heating & uniform cooling

In the induction quench and tempering line working process, what customer main concern is the heat treatment effect. They will be worried whether the bars or pies will bend after induction heat treating. Especially for small pipe with thin wall. Then how to solve this problem?

1.Forever has already successful cases for the thin wall pipe induction heat treatment line.

  •  One is seamless pipe heat treatment line, their wall thickness is 3-4mm, diameter is 40-60mm
  •  One is square pipe heat treatment line. The wall thickness is 2mm, the section size is 60*40mm

2.We can ensure the pipe not bending during heat treatment from two sides:

  •   Uniform heating: The pipe will forward while rotating by itself to ensure it can be heated evenly.
  •   Uniform cooling: same water flow and pressure, and the pipe will be put in the middle of the spraying box.

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