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Quality service helps customers to operate high efficiency billet induction heating furnace

Quality service helps customers to operate high efficiency billet induction heating furnace

Billet induction heating furnace is a kind of equipment that 24-hour non-stop operation, so it is inevitable that there will be failures. If you choose the supplier with good after-sales service, then you can solve the problem soon. Buying billet induction heating furnace is different from buying something other things. What customers are concerned about is the equipment quality and service.

“Quality service” has become the most important factor for most customers to buy induction billet heater. Therefore, in the market, only those manufacturers who can not only provide customers with high-quality induction heating equipment, but also provide customers with quality service can truly become the first choice of customers.

The prerequisite for this competitive advantage is to be able to provide customers with high-quality services. According to customer service requirements, Forever build excellent quality service system in the industry. After years of practice, professional suggestions, detailed answers, customer factory site visits and designs, production line installation, commissioning, 24-hour service, regular return visits, preventive maintenance and maintenance standards to improve implementation so that customers can feel the quality of service from the our service team.

High-quality induction heating furnace for billet can create production benefits for customers and guaranteed after-sales service to customers at ease. From making the most cost effective proposals to installing and debugging the equipment, we will arrange one technician to serve you all the time.The excellent service of Forever can bring better production benefit to customers. The best layout design of billet induction heating furnace, fine installation of billet induction heating equipment, commissioning of high-quality after-sales service, fast and efficient fault maintenance, regular visits, preventive maintenance services, which helps customers to produce efficiently.

Specific after-sales of Forever: billet induction heating furnace warranty period is 12 months from the date of equipment factory, life-long warranty. During the guarantee period, the induction heating equipment for billet will be repaired free of charge if the quality problems caused by defects in design, process or materials occur. In case of failure, the company guarantees to reach the customer’s production site within 24 hours (48 hours in remote areas) after receiving the customer’s notification. During the warranty period, the normal use of equipment due to quality problems caused damage to equipment and components, the company will provide free maintenance, replacement of damaged components.



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