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Operation of steel pipe medium frequency heating furnace

steel pipe induction heating furnace is a new type of electric furnace for steel pipe heating in recent years, widely used in the pre forging heating and rolling heating industries of steel pipes, seamless pipes, thick walled steel pipes, and other pipes. It has the advantages of uniform heating temperature, fast heating speed, high production efficiency, and low oxidation and burning loss. It is becoming increasingly popular in the steel pipe heating industry, and its application range is also becoming more and more popular. Welcome customers to visit and inspect our company.

Operation of steel pipe induction heating equipment:

1. Setting parameters: Set heating temperature, time, and other parameters as needed.

2. Insert workpiece: Place the steel pipe or other metal workpiece to be heated into the induction coil.

3. Start the equipment: Start the intermediate frequency heating furnace and start the heating process.

4. Monitoring process: Regularly monitor the heating process to ensure that the predetermined temperature and time are reached.

5. Remove the workpiece: After heating is completed, safely remove the heated workpiece.

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