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Oil drilling pipe quenching and tempering furnace

The characteristics of drill pipe induction heat treatment furnace include:

Product brand: Forever Electromechanical

Seamless pipe diameter: 20mm~300mm

Seamless pipe length: 2m~20m

Material: carbon steel alloy steel

Non standard professional customization: Yes

Power requirements: 120 kW -8000 kW

Quality standards: After this treatment, the yield strength, tensile strength, hardness, elongation, and impact performance of the workpiece can all meet the standards.

1. No high order harmonic interference: High order harmonics mainly come from the burr voltage generated by the controllable silicon during the voltage regulation of the rectifier section, which can seriously pollute the power grid and cause other equipment to not work properly. However, energy-saving IGBT intermediate frequency power supply is a voltage type inverter, and the rectifier section adopts full bridge rectification. The rectifier thyristor will be fully conductive, and the IGBT intermediate frequency adopts frequency modulation and power regulation, inductance and capacitor filtering, and has been working at 500V, The power factor reaches 0.98 or above, and the rectifier circuit uses thyristors to achieve soft start and stop. Due to the full conduction of the thyristors during normal operation, the DC voltage always works at a high level without adjusting the conduction angle, and there is no significant current impact during start and stop. Therefore, the high harmonic is small, does not pollute the power grid, and does not interfere with the operation of electronic equipment in the factory.

2. The starting power of drill pipe heat treatment equipment is relatively high: due to the use of series inverter technology, it is easy to start and completely solves the problem of difficulty in starting thyristor at intermediate frequency. Reliable and frequent startup can be achieved, and the success rate of starting seamless steel pipe quenching and tempering equipment for petroleum is high.

3. High stability: Our induction heating equipment adopts components produced by international brand companies, and the product cooling system adopts internal circulation cooling. The internal circulation uses softened water, and the internal water circuit of the equipment is not scaled or blocked for long-term use. The equipment is equipped with air conditioning, and the components always work at a suitable temperature, greatly reducing the failure rate, ensuring the stability of the entire machine, and saving maintenance costs.

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