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oil drill pipe heat treatment equipment factory manufacturer

The oil pipe heat treatment equipment is a non-standard product. According to user needs, we can design and produce a perfect technical solution for induction heat treatment equipment to meet your satisfaction.

The power supply of oil pipeline heat treatment equipment adopts fully digital intelligent control technology, which has high cost-effectiveness, stable performance, energy conservation and environmental protection.

The intelligent PLC remote control console and human-machine interface are equipped with theDrilling pipe hardening and tempering furnace . The control system adopts a human-machine interface, with highly humanized operation instructions. It provides a remote operation console with a touch screen industrial computer system, and fully digital high depth adjustable parameters, making your control of the equipment more convenient. One click restore and switching between multiple languages.

The advantages of oil drill pipe hardening and tempering equipment include:

Specially customized human-machine interface with highly user-friendly operation instructions.

★ Fully automated mechanical design and intelligent production process of oil pipe heat treatment equipment.

★ Fast heating speed, less oxidation and decarbonization, high efficiency, and good process repeatability.

The oil pipe heat treatment equipment meets environmental requirements, has low pollution, and high production efficiency.


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