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ø20-50mm quench and temper line that you want to see

ø20-50mm quench and temper line that you want to see

Are you looking for ø20-50mm steel bars quench and temper line? If yes, please see here. Forever is specialized in production induction heat treating line for almost 13 years with mature induction heating technology and powerful engineer team.

The advantages of our long bar quench and temper line:

1.Uniform h eating: The angle between roller axis and bars axis is 18 ~ 21 °. The bars is rotating and go forward at the uniform rate for uniform heating. Rollers between furnace are 304 non-magnetic stainless steel and water-cooled.

2.Uniform cooling:To meet the requirements of different hardenability, spraying system adopts multi-level spray cooling and the pressure & flow in water spray ring at all levels is adjustable.The bars will be placed in the middle of spray ring to ensure uniform pressure and flow. So the bars needn’t straightening after heat treatment with our line.  The surface hardness difference is very small, which is only HRC3.

3.Closed-loop temperature control system: Our engineer will set the process parameters in the system, and when the heating temperature is too high or too low, the system will adjust the temperature to the required temperature through adjusting power.

4.”One key” operation: The engineer will set the required process as per user’s production requirement.For example, when the user need to do heat treatment for ø30mm, the operator can choose the corresponding recipe and start, then the system will run as ø30mm process parameters. This function makes the operation more easier and doesn’t need the operator to master professional skills.

5.More flexible: When your production plan don’t have too much, you can reduce the speed of bars running, then it will need less than. This is very flexible for the production plan.

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