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Manufacturer specializing in steel pipe heat treatment furnace

Steel pipe heat treatment furnace is the equipment used by metal heat treatment manufacturers for quenching and tempering of steel pipes, seamless steel pipes, thick wall steel pipes and other metal pipes.

Advantages of FOREVER electromechanical steel pipe heat treatment furnace:

1. The whole set of steel pipe heat treatment furnace is controlled by medium frequency induction heating power supply. The rectifier is fully open and controlled by digital touch screen. The production is more efficient and the energy-saving effect is more than 30% than that of ordinary power supply.

2. The equipment has fast heating speed and less oxidation decarburization. The steel pipe after heat treatment will not produce cracks and deformation.

3. The steel pipe treated by induction heat treatment furnace has very high toughness and impact strength.

4. The discharge port of the furnace body is equipped with a far-infrared thermometer to control and display the temperature of the steel pipe in real time, so as to improve the product qualification rate.

5. The steel pipe treated by steel pipe heat treatment furnace can obtain good straightness without straightening.

6. PLC control system, man-machine interface, all digital, high-depth adjustable parameters, simple operation, more proficient in equipment control.

7. The input and output roller table of steel pipe heat treatment furnace adopts 304 non-magnetic stainless steel, with wear resistance and long service life.


FOREVER heat treatment furnace manufacturer has designed and installed it free of charge according to the actual needs of users. For more than years, it has participated in a large number of induction heat treatment equipment projects of various specifications and models. Users are widely distributed on site, which is convenient for users’ field investigation. Therefore, it has verified the comprehensive strength of manufacturers specializing in induction heat treatment production lines for more than 10 years.

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