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Manufacture of inductor coil of medium frequency induction heating furnace equipment

The shape of the inductor is determined according to the surface contour of the heating parts. It is required that there must be a certain gap between the induction ring and the parts, and all parts should be uniform, so as to reduce the linearity perpendicular to the medium frequency current as much as possible. For more questions, please consult the engineers of FOREVER Electromechanical Specialty.


The following points shall be achieved for the fabrication of induction coil:

1. The number of turns of the induction coil of the medium frequency induction heating equipment is mainly determined according to the power, inner diameter and working size of the medium frequency induction heating equipment. It should be close to or surround the heating part of the heated workpiece.

2. For induction heating of ferromagnetic workpieces such as steel, 2 ~ 4 coils are generally preferred. If it is a material with poor magnetic conductivity, such as copper, aluminum and other induction heating, the number of induction coils should increase. Most induction coils choose single turn, but when the heated workpiece is small, double turn or multi turn should be adopted. However, when the number of turns increases to a certain value, even if it increases again, it will not improve the efficiency, but will destroy the power.forever-furnace-manufacturers-china

3. Generally, the larger the diameter and the heavier the load of the induction coil of the medium frequency induction heating equipment and medium frequency heat treatment equipment (the larger the workpiece behind the wall or the larger the volume), the fewer the turns of the induction coil. The smaller the diameter of the induction coil and the lighter the load (small workpiece or thin-walled workpiece), the number of turns can be increased appropriately.

4. Select the appropriate conductive material. When making the induction coil for some workpieces, it is necessary to add an appropriate amount of conductive magnets to make the induction effect better. There shall be no contact between the turns of the induction coil to avoid ignition or machine short circuit. If necessary, the outer edge of the induction coil shall be covered with insulating material.

5. Generally, red copper is the best material for the induction ring, and square copper tube is required for special workpieces. The water test must be carried out for the induction ring to prevent water leakage or blockage from affecting the work of the transformer.

6. Here, the manufacturer is advised not to change the induction coil without permission. The mismatch of the induction coil is easy to cause damage to the internal components of the medium frequency induction heating equipment and delay the normal production.


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