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Hot rolled ball is specialized in producing various specifications of hot-rolled ball mill steel balls according to the ferrous metallurgy industry standard of Forged (rolled) steel balls (yb/t 091-2005). The diameter range of steel ball is 20-150mm. The billets used for rolling ball milling steel balls are hot-rolled round steel bars with various chemical compositions, and their diameters are equal to the nominal diameters of the steel balls.


The main production process of Hot rolled steel ball is as follows:

1. After the round steel bar is inspected, it is cut into steel ball blank according to the fixed length.

2. The steel ball blank is heated to a proper temperature in a continuous heating furnace before rolling.

3. After the red hot billet is fed into the steel ball mill, it rotates between two rolls with special spiral pass and is continuously rolled into steel balls。

4. After rolling, the red hot steel ball immediately enters the on-line heat treatment equipment specially designed by our factory for quenching tempering heat treatment, so that the steel ball can obtain high and uniform hardness.

5. The products that pass the inspection are sent to the finished product warehouse, packaged and delivered to the customer.

The above is a brief introduction to the process of steel ball hot rolling. YUANTUO electromechanical has many years of production experience in the induction heating equipment industry. The steel ball hot rolling equipment has been sold to countries and regions at home and abroad, and the production process is mature. If there is a demand in this regard, you can visit the company, or contact the telephone or wechat of the technicians in the station to provide you with a detailed quotation of steel ball hot rolling heating equipment for free



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