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Long bar heat treatment machine, five of which attract you !

Long bar heat treatment machine, five of which attract you !

With 20 years of R&D and production experience, combined with advanced heat treatment technology at home and abroad, Forever has constantly broken the monopoly of foreign brands on medium and high-end induction heating furnaces, and let induction heating furnaces stand out from the heavy encirclement, with long bar heat treatment machine as the core of high-end equipment in the domestic and foreign long bar quenching and tempering industry market. With mature technology and superior quality components, our long bar heat treatment machine can be applied to axle, semi-axle, long axle and other specifications of axle metal workpiece.

Induction heating furnace

According to different parameters and workpieces, different induction heating furnace groups are optimized by computer to meet the requirements of higher heating efficiency and workpiece performance. The whole set of long bar heat treatment machine has reached the advanced level in China. The advanced quality management has passed the international ISO 9001:2001 quality system certification. The copper tube of induction heating furnace is winded by T2 oxygen-free copper, the wall thickness of copper tube is more than or equal to 3.0 mm, the insulation material of induction heating furnace is high in strength, high in temperature resistance and the service life is longer; the inlet and outlet end is encapsulated with 5 mm copper plate, which greatly reduces magnetic leakage and prolongs the service life. The chassis is made of high strength aluminum alloy to reduce the influence of magnetic leakage and heating on other devices.

The tempering induction heating system is composed of induction heating furnace, heating power supply and cooling system. Tempering furnace and pre-quenching furnace structure material is the same, only the number of coil turns according to tempering heating requirements set and manufacturing.

Quenching spray water tank

It is a circular sprinkler made of stainless steel. It is installed at the discharge end of the inductor. The steel pipe passes through the sprinkler. High pressure cooling water will be spraied to the long bars evenly from the hole of spray rings. Under the sprinkler there is a water collector. Cooling water flows into the quenching circulating pool through the water collector. The unique cooling circulating system ensures that the long bar continuous quenching and tempering furnace can work continuously for 24 hours.

Intelligent induction heating power supply

IGBT induction power supply adopts advanced parallel resonant design, phase shifting power regulation, mature and stable equipment, and has more advantages over 3000KW or high power range. In the cabinet, T2 copper bars are used, which are sandblasted and passivated, low leakage inductance and oxidation resistance, effectively reducing the loss of power supply. Full touch screen manipulation, pure character setting, complete process record and strict level permissions.

PLC intelligent remote console

PLC intelligent touch screen remote control console includes power start and stop, motor frequency conversion speed, temperature display and closed-loop control. The man-machine interface is highly customized and highly humanized. Full digital and high depth adjustable parameters enable you to control the long bar heat treatment machine. Strict grade management system and perfect one key reduction system.  According to different countries and regions, we can set local language.

Closed cooling tower

The soft water from the induction heating equipment enters the inlet of the cooling tower directly and flows in the closed copper tube. The heat is absorbed by the tube wall and is excluded from the tower by the top fan. Soft water closed cycle does not contact with air to avoid scaling and blockage and electrolysis due to water quality problems. 


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