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Intimate service of famous bar heat treatment furnace manufacturer

Intimate service of famous bar heat treatment furnace manufacturer

Bar heat treatment furnace manufacturer-Forever company is a high-tech enterprise integrating development, design, manufacture, sales and service. The main induction heating equipment are: induction quenching and tempering production line, heat treatment quenching furnace, bar heating equipment, intermediate frequency annealing equipment, intermediate frequency forging heating equipment, steel induction heating equipment, medium frequency diathermy furnace and billet heating furnace, etc. are widely used in various metal workpieces forging, diathermy, tempering, annealing, quenching and tempering heat treatment production.

The intimate service of bar heat treatment furnace manufacturer:

1. Major technicians have been engaged in induction heating for a long time. They have rich experience in the design, process and manufacture of induction heating equipment and have the ability of independent research and development.

2. Based on the actual needs of customers, Forever long bar induction heat treatment machine is manufactured in strict accordance with ISO:9001 quality management system.

3. Providing customers with high quality long bar induction heat treatment machine is always our goal, so we always follow high standards for bar heating equipment design and raw material selection and procurement.

4. According to the customer’s process requirements, workpiece shape, size, heating temperature, heating time and plant power distribution to provide a reasonable induction heating technology program, truly tailor-made for customers to qualified steel induction heating equipment.

5. Free training for the use of long bar induction heat treatment machine, free 24-hour telephone for users to solve equipment maintenance, troubleshooting to ensure that the first time to provide users with fast and efficient service.

6.Core competitiveness comes from our professional engineer team and products with independent intellectual property rights.

7. The company has always won customers with advanced design, meticulous manufacturing, high-quality service, we will use more than 10 years of steel long bar induction heat treatment machine experience accumulation dedicated to provide users with perfect equipment services.

Forever equipment debugging and maintenance is simple

The electric long bar induction heat treatment machine of Forever is designed with SCR medium frequency power supply and the new double-sided printed circuit panel is used as the central controller, so the debugging is very convenient. Each function control circuit realizes internal connection and eliminates all fault points. The logic control of starting, stopping and running of intermediate frequency power supply is entirely realized by electronic circuit. The relay logic circuit is abolished and the influence of vibration on the operation of equipment is eliminated. The reliability of induction heating equipment for steel products is greatly improved.



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