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Intermediate frequency hot forging equipment

Medium frequency Induction forge heating furnace is a type of heating equipment used for metal workpieces before forging. Its application in industrial production can bring economic benefits to enterprises and save energy consumption. In addition, medium frequency hot forging equipment also has the characteristics of environmental protection and energy conservation. Yuantuo Electromechanical Equipment Factory is a high-tech enterprise specializing in the production of medium frequency induction heating equipment in China. We produce high-quality intelligent medium frequency Induction heating forging furnace at a lower cost. Our equipment has simple and efficient operation, making your work valuable. Welcome to the factory for on-site inspection!


Working characteristics of medium frequency steel billet forging heating furnace :

1. The length of the induction coil is usually 600m or 800m. When the coarse material or material is long, the induction coil can be up to 1 meter long or more, and there are 5-10 pieces of material being heated. The induction ring is easy to replace, and different sizes of induction rings are used according to the workpiece with different diameters.

2. The output frequency is 1-20KHZ. According to the diameter of the heated workpiece, the induction coil and capacitor are designed to achieve different frequencies and adapt to the heating of different materials. When the material is fine, the heating frequency is higher, which can ensure heat permeability and achieve high heating efficiency; When the material is coarse, the frequency should be lower to ensure heat permeability.

3. The medium frequency hot forging equipment adopts a pneumatic feeding method, which adjusts the power and feeding rhythm of the equipment to automatically push out burnt workpieces for forging and pressing, making the operation very convenient.

4. The entire forging heat transfer equipment is compact and compact, making it very convenient to use next to the forging machine.

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