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Intelligent Green Environment Protection is the Core of Induction heating equipment Development

In recent years, with the rapid development of the “The Development of Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei” and the new round of urbanization, it is also the induction heating equipment and the Hardening and tempering furnace . It is one of the key factors in the high-speed increase of the sales volume of the heat-and-tempering production line and the forging and heat-transmitting equipment However, the huge market has brought the development opportunity of the Millennium Development to the industry of induction heating and heat treatment, but in the form of the aggravation of the global pollution, only the environment-friendly products can be used to meet the needs of development.

In recent years, severely polluting enterprises have stopped working, stopped production, restricted production, eliminated high-emission and heavy-polluting equipment, and other cities are expected to follow up gradually: judging from the current trend of environmental protection policies, Various regions will take the lead in phasing out factories and equipment with high emissions. Some cities with higher environmental protection requirements require equipment to comply with the national emission standards. The atmospheric control work in various parts of the country is gradually becoming more and more stringent and the effect is becoming more and more obvious. Cities also announced a ban on the use of high-emission high-polluting equipment for job operations, accelerating the phase-out of high-emission equipment. The induction heating furnace, medium frequency heat treatment equipment and surface quenching heat treatment equipment produced by Hebei FOREVER have always been provided for induction heating and heat treatment industry both at home and abroad with zero emission and pollution-free standard specialty. And in the period of environmental protection, the order line slowly, overtime production.

It provides high cost-effective induction heating furnace. The air-cooled, energy-saving and environment-friendly medium frequency induction heating power supply, which is independently developed and produced by remote topology, controls the induction heating equipment and heats the workpiece directly by means of electro-heating. The remote electromechanical induction heating equipment adopts IGBT as the main device. It is a new type of composite power device. It integrates the advantages of bipolar power transistor and power MOSFET, and has the advantages of voltage type control, large input impedance and low driving power. The switching loss is small, the on-off speed is fast, the working frequency is high, and the component capacity is large, etc. Many manufacturers of induction heating equipment at home and abroad have widely used IGBT, which will be the development direction of induction heating equipment at home and abroad.

The induction heating furnace adopts advanced touch screen control, has complete fault display function, finds the fault point quickly, and is convenient for maintenance. Siemens PLC and 10-inch color touch screen are used in the equipment, and the inlet and outlet of the device is equipped with American Ratay infrared thermometer. The PLC closed-loop control is realized, and the production situation is recorded in real-time. Induction heating equipment has truly realized “energy saving and consumption reduction”, remote mechanical and electrical equipment has always been running under the ISO9001 quality management system certification, with excellent quality, high-quality service, so that your products are more competitive, by the majority of customers favor and praise.

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Post time: 03-27-2019