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Induction heating technology is used more and more long bar products

Induction heating technology is used more and more long bar products

Induction heating comes from the phenomenon of electromagnetic induction discovered by Faraday, that is, alternating current produces induced current in the conductor, which causes the conductor to heat up. In 1890, Swedish technicians invented the first induction smelting furnace – slotted core furnace. In 1916, Americans invented the closed slot core furnace. Since then, induction heating technology has gradually entered the practical stage.

Long time ago, induction heating technology has been applied to the hardening and tempering process of long steel bar products., but it is only used in some special occasions such as balance bars processing which required the hardness and microstructure along the material direction must keep constant during the whole process. Nowadays, even for the solid bars with diameter of 280mm, we can use continuous quenching and tempering furnace to finish the hardening and tempering process.

One typical long bar induction heat treatment machine can achieve an output capacity of 4-15T/H, even bigger. Usually, it includes the following parts: 

1.A separating and loading table on which the bundles are placed and separated and the indi-vidual bars are supplied to the following roller way.

2.A system made of several specifically designed roller ways that are designed so that the bars are transported through all the heat treatment steps.

3.A set of induction converters as the power supply to be used for austenitizing, tempering and holding stages. 

4.Several sets of induction billet heaters made of induction heating coils. then the bars will be through the induction coils used for heating for austenitizing and tempering process.

5. A set of water spraying device with specially designed spray ring used for cooling the bars after austenitizing. 

6.A cooling bed with subsequent collecting bed to cool the workpieces coming from the temper-ing or soaking zone by natural convection and to bundle them in an appropriate way after that.

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