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Induction heating furnace energy-saving environmental protection processing, no routines more real!

The real realization of Induction heating furnace does not need to shout slogans, because they tell the user with practical action to achieve high yield. The induction heating device has little routine, special heating mode, non-contact heating and high production efficiency. and the induction heating equipment is very stable in operation, and secondly, the intermediate frequency induction heating device is provided with a new IGBT air-cooled power supply, and is more energy-saving than other common power sources, The equivalent yield is about 30% less than that of other common power supplies

The middle-frequency heating equipment is not the other’s routine, it is a kind of trick that can help users to take a lot of detours less, to achieve high yield, less pollution is steel rod heat treatment furnace to help us less detours, in addition to the same, Steel bar heat treatment equipment is also a multi-industry heating production of the main mechanical equipment. Mining machinery, petroleum machinery, automobile manufacturing, machinery manufacturing and other industries have a wide range of applications, the purchase of this metal heating equipment, is a good helper in our heat treatment processing, help us to achieve high production efficiency.


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