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Induction hardening heating furnace

Performance characteristics of Induction surface quenching machine:

1. Strong adaptability. Induction quenching heating equipment has strong performance and compact structure, which can heat treat workpieces of different sizes with great flexibility. 2. Efficient and energy-saving. The new IGBT air-cooled induction heating power supply control saves more than 35% electricity compared to the old thyristor controlled equipment. 3. Integrated complete unit. This machine adopts unit integration, with strong overall performance and high production efficiency when combined and matched

4. Professional customization. We can provide various configuration combinations for professional customization based on your different requirements and actual situation.

5. The human-machine interface PLC fully automatic control program ensures continuous production of induction quenching heating equipment, with high efficiency.

Long bar induction quenching furnace


Intelligent control: The power supply can monitor and remotely control the operating status in real-time; Fault self-diagnosis function; Process customization and process parameter control, etc.

High cost-effectiveness: highly optimized structure, modular layout of independent units for faster maintenance, and easy expansion of power supply power with development.

High reliability: Adopting IGBT extreme speed protection technology, long power life DSP digital control device, high power stability, and few faults.

Energy saving and environmental protection: With minimal harmonics and high power factor, there is no need for power compensation.


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