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Increasing R & D investment to enhance the international competitiveness of the billet induction heating furnace

Increasing R & D investment to enhance the international competitiveness of the billet induction heating furnace

At present, the domestic induction heating industry market is not optimistic, and expanding the overseas induction heating market is the most effective and reliable means to resolve the surplus of billet induction heating furnace, so domestic billet induction heating furnace manufacturers have to develop the foreign market.

In the development of the international market, the precision, appearance, structural stability, high efficiency and energy-saving index of the induction heating equipment for square billet of Forever are not much different from the foreign brands of the same grade in the world. The price is not so high, and it has a strong market competitiveness.

As a kind of large-scale and high-precision mechanical equipment, the core competitiveness of induction billet heater lies in its high-efficiency performance in the final analysis. Only by increasing investment in research and development, improving the appearance, precision, stability and service life of billet induction heating furnace, and making itself possess have the core technology, can it win in the fierce international market. Only by gaining the opportunity to win the development can we truly be favored by overseas induction heating customers, which is the road to sustainable development. Forever pays more attention to the research and development of technology, owns the leading power core control technology, has the ability of independent research and development, we have independent intellectual property rights in the core technology.

Facing the complicated and changeable industry market, Forever has always been ahead of the billet induction heating furnace industry with vigorous force. So far, Forever billet induction heating furnace has been applied to 200*200 square billet inline heating before billet rolling, which has brought much profit and convenience to our users. In the next step, we will continue to develop the market of inline induction billet heater to serve more users in steel mill.



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