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How to solve the usual problems during quench and temper line operation ?

How to solve the usual problems during quench and temper line operation ?

In the induction heat treating industry, if the quench and temper line has problem during the production process. It will not only delay the production plan but also need a lot of maintenance costs. Here Forever makes a summary for the problems that appear frequency during the heat treating process.

1.The heat treatment production line suddenly tripped during the operation?

Such a problem may be due to the aging of the electric furnace, the user need to replace the main board and inverter silicon. Inverter resistance capacitance absorption failure needs to replace capacitor board. These questions are only surface analysis process, and the main source of the problem also requires technical personnel to go to the site to test.

2.The quench and temper line fail to start?

Facing with such a problem, not only the user willheadache, but also the maintenance engineer headache, because there are many reasons that will make the line fail to start. Only through testing, we can get the accurate result.

3. Over current, but after restart, the quench and temper line can work still?

In this situation, the user need to cut off the electricity and measure the thyristor, diode and IGBT.

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