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How to increase life for quench and temper line?

How to increase life for quench and temper line?

After long time operation for the quench and temper line, if the operator’s maintenance work is not good, then the wear parts replacement can not be avoided. In this condition, whether the parts can be supplied in time have direct effect on the user’s production plan.

Maintenance of induction heat treating equipment

1 .Monthly (quarterly) maintenance

  • Check the relays, temperature relays, overcurrent relays, pressure gauges, contacts, and connections. 
  • Check the scale of the cooling water and check the flow rate of the cooling water. 
  • Check the relay control system, weak current control system, trigger circuit and so on. 
  • Check whether the equipment has loose or electrical heating. 
  • Check the equipment overvoltage, overcurrent, door switch, cooling, temperature is too high, such as the protection circuit is reliable. 
  • Check the air switch and circuit breaker for electric shock or ablation. 
  • Check whether the equipment grounding resistance meets the requirements.

2. Six months (one year) maintenance

  • Check whether the insulation level of the low voltage (380V) line meets the requirements. 
  • Test insulation resistance of high voltage transformer, high voltage cable and other high voltage component. 
  • Maintenance of electric machines, pumps, power distribution cabinets and other ancillary facilities. 
  • Proofread the accuracy of each instrument. 
  • Cooling pipe is aging or not.

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