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How to buy right quench and temper line in China ?

How to buy right quench and temper line in China ?


To really choose the best, most suitable quench and temper line is not decided by price, but to firmly grasp the four major points:

1. Before buying quench and temper line, the suer need to understand the basic attributes of materials used in induction heat treating. It mainly includes material quality, hardness, maximum material width, thickness range, surface treatment, and surface requirement during heat treatment.

2. Understand the requirements of heat treatment process. Mainly including the powe supply parameters, heat treatment speed requirements and so on.

3.Have a basic knowledge for quench and temper line.

4. Shopping around to get a good. Considering budget and requirement, the user should choose the manufacturer of quench and temper line with powerful ability including manufacturing and after-sales service.

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