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How much is the long bar induction heat treatment machine? Look at the manufacturer’s explanation.

How much is the long bar induction heat treatment machine? Look at the manufacturer’s explanation.

Long bar induction heat treatment machine can be called induction heating furnace. As a new type of steel quenching equipment, long bar induction heat treatment machine development never stops, but follows the trend of innovation. It can still create its own world in chemical, light industry, steel and heat treatment industries, because of its homogeneous quenching without deformation. The heating temperature of our induction heating equipment can be adjusted to be suitable for different material and size of long bars.

Configuration advantages of long bar induction heat treatment machine

1. There are 12 induction coils and one preheating inductor in the quenching part of steel. One 100KW IGBT medium frequency power supply and one preheating inductor are used for the end preheating. The first 9 induction coils use one set of 720KW medium frequency power supply and the last 3 induction coils use one 360KW medium frequency power supply. The steel bar quenching furnace is equipped with a 100 m3/h closed cooling machine. The power cabinet and induction coils are made up of pure water to circulate internally. The external circulation is sprinkled with tap water, which will take the heat by the internal circulation.

2.The structure is simple, it is easy to learn.The remote console has manual control and automatic control button, which is controlled by Germany Siemens PLC. The displayed parameters can be customized as per user’s need, such as the display of temperature curve, water pressure, water flow and so on. The language on the buttons can be translated into English.

3. The chain cold bed is welded by the section steel and the steel plate. It is driven by the high-efficiency servo motor. It is synchronized by several groups of sprockets and chains.

4. Two thermometers are set at the end of the quenching furnace and the end of the tempering furnace. The average value of the two thermometers is taken to participate in the temperature control.

How much is a set of long bar induction heat treatment machine? It is hard to say as it’s not simply give the quotation just for your sizes. The price has relation with the equipment configuration, components brand, production process etc. If you need quotation or a proposal free of charge, please call our hotline +86-18932783253. 


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