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High quality automatic steel pipe quenching and tempering line

High quality automatic steel bar quenching and tempering line

The process of steel bar induction heat treating is the same as that of the conventional gas heating walking beam furnace, but the working principle and processing engineering are quite different. In the gas walking beam furnace, the steel bar is integrally heated;But in the steel bar quenching and tempering equipment, the steel bar is sectioned forward and heated continuously, and the quenching process and the tempering process are the same. Therefore, when heating, quenching and tempering, the steel bar basically moves vertically and rotates, while the others is moved by horizontal lines.

Compared with other similar products produced by other manufacturers, the steel bar quenching and tempering equipment designed and manufactured by Forever has the following advantages:

1, Multi-stage continuous heating mode: using multi-power supply cabinets, multi-point control, heating zoning control. The temperature closed loop control can be realized in real sense, so that the temperature accuracy can be controlled. The last power supply can compensate for the uneven temperature of steel bar heating than a single large power supply, thus ensuring the uniformity of temperature.

2. The control system can track the parameters of each workpiece in the process of quenching and tempering, and can record and store the parameters.

3.The heating temperature of steel bar quenching and tempering can be controlled and adjustale. So that the temperature of the heating bar can be adjusted freely according to the process.

4. The transmission line is stable, the speed is adjustable, the heating workpiece is uniform, the workpiece deformation after heating is small.

5 .The induction heater is easy to assemble and disassemble, and can be adjusted up, down and left and right.

6.Perfect internal spraying system can accelerate the cooling speed of the inner hole, thus improving the quality of quenching. The inner and outer hardened layers are evenly distributed, and the inner hole is prevented from entering water.

7. This set of steel bar quenching and tempering equipment has advantages of low failure rate, a variety of safety protection facilities, low energy consumption, high efficiency, simple operation and convenient maintenance.

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