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High efficiency, environmental protection heating square billet, you still lack a set of induction billet heater

High efficiency, environmental protection heating square billet, you still lack a set of induction billet heater

With the rapid development of urban and rural infrastructure, the demand for reinforcing steel bar in the market is also growing rapidly. The demand for square billet heating equipment is increasing at a certain level. Why? The reinforcing steel bar is rolled by square billet such as 100*100,150*150,130*130 and so on. Many steel mill bosses are ready to start the square billet heating furnace, but now the pollution is a serious problem. Similarly, high efficiency and no-pollution induction billet heater has come to the market.

The induction billet heater adopts electromagnetic induction heating principle to make the square billet produce the heat inside, which will not bring temperature increase for the surroundings.

1. To control pollution, the billet induction heating furnace has advantages.

Common pollution usually comes from dust and mechanical noise in the production of square billet heating. When the traditional heating equipment is used for square billet heating, we can see that there will be a lot of dust flying, as well as high noise in decibels, which seriously affects the natural environment. Therefore, the state strongly requests to combat pollution, so the traditional coal-burning furnace is unable to meet the requirements of environmental protection, but Forever induction billet heater adopts electromagnetic heating technology without dust and exhaust gas generation.

2. As the induction billet heater can heat the billet to the rolled temperature within the shortest time, the oxidation skin is only 0.3% of that using gas furnace.Looking the following features:

99% full load and 24 hours continuous working capacity;

High power, fast heating, high efficiency, easy operation, improve the electric conversion rate, make the equipment energy-saving 30-40%, thereby reducing the cost.

Adopt special made rectifier transformer to reduce the harmonic for the large power machine

3. How much is the energy saving, environmental protection and efficient heating furnace?

This set of steel billet heating furnace with induction heating technology can not only meet the environmental protection production, but also can efficiently produce, the price of the equipment should be very high, right? It is the question that every customer will concern. Actually the price is effected by many factors including configuration, raw material, components, power, efficiency and so on. It will be the best to choose the most suitable induction billet heater rather than the lowest or highest price machines. 


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