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Hebei Forever’s steel pipe quenching furnace

Hebei Forever’s steel pipe quenching furnace is a non standardized product, so please prepare your specific process requirements, including workpiece shape, process dimensions, etc., when consulting. We will customize a suitable steel pipe induction heating furnace according to your requirements to meet your different needs.

Characteristics of Forever Electromechanical steel pipe hardening equipment :

1. The industrial digital control system for steel pipe quenching furnace has advanced performance, convenient debugging and use, and largely meets the quenching process requirements of complex workpieces.

2. The quenching furnace of the heat treatment equipment can achieve quenching methods such as continuous quenching, simultaneous quenching, segmented continuous scanning quenching (segmented by program setting, without the need for travel switches), and segmented simultaneous quenching.

3. The workpiece after quenching treatment has no deformation, cracks, or overburning.

4. The electrical control system of the Steel pipe quenching production line reserves quenching heating and cooling water control interfaces, which can control the quenching process and cooling process according to the requirements of the workpiece

5. Low operating cost, the driving motor for workpiece operation is only 180W, and the power consumption of the entire machine is less than one-fifth of that of mechanical equipment.

6. Reliable performance, smooth operation, convenient process adjustment, and simple operation.

7. After quenching on the steel pipe quenching production line, the workpiece has no overburning, deformation, bending or other phenomena.

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