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Heating furnace for forging

Heating furnace for forging is mainly used for forging and heating of steel bars, steel pipes, stainless steel and other metal parts. FOREVER Electromechanical Equipment Factory can be additionally equipped with automatic feeding machine, discharging machine, discharging separator and closed cooling water circulation system according to user requirements. Our FOREVER mechanical and electrical manufacturer has rich experience in the production of forging diathermy furnace, and is a trustworthy manufacturer for consumers! Provide users with professional and efficient induction heating solutions for free. Yuantuo mechanical and electrical manufacturers welcome new and old users to call to inquire about the forging diathermic furnace or visit the factory!


Working principle of forging diathermy furnace: the heating furnace for forging is automatically operated, with a temperature measuring device. During the heating process, the temperature of square steel is measured, and the time relay is used to control the production rhythm. At the beginning of feeding, the temperature measuring head leaves the square steel and rotates for an angle. The feeding pusher acts to push a square steel into the sensor. The heated square steel is pushed out of the sensor and falls onto the roller table. The roller table transfers the square steel to the end of the roller table. The jacking mechanism rises to turn the square steel onto the discharge chute, and the square steel rolls onto the extruder for extrusion. At the same time of transmission, the feeding pusher returns, a square steel is rolled down in the feeding chute for the next feeding, and the temperature measuring head enters the temperature measuring position to contact the end of the bar square steel, which completes the feeding and discharging operation. Generally, in order to ensure uniform heating temperature of the workpiece, a holding furnace is equipped on the production line.

Outstanding advantages offorging heating furnace:

1. The furnace body of the forging diathermy furnace adopts double insulation treatment, which improves the service life and reliability by 3 times. The thin furnace lining design reduces space magnetic leakage, and the electric energy conversion efficiency is very high, achieving the purpose of energy saving and consumption reduction;

2. Medium frequency voltage double voltage output, wide output slot and small gap design of copper bar, reduce line power loss, and save power up to 10% – 15%;

3. The coil we designed has gathered the design experience and advanced technology of thousands of inductors. The forging diathermy furnace adopts high-quality materials and computer design, which is a better match to achieve high efficiency work. It saves electricity and consumes 380KWH per ton of forging;

4. Under computer control, the blank is monitored throughout the forging furnace, and valuable information, including optimization setting parameters, is stored for use.

Technical support for heating furnace for steel forging:

1. The service team composed of professionals is ready to provide users with technical support such as installation, commissioning, test run, inspection, maintenance and troubleshooting of square steel forging heating equipment;

2. Through effective technical guidance, we have ensured the reliability of the process and improved the qualification rate of products;

3. In order to quickly analyze the fault of induction heating equipment and provide accessories, user service can contact us via telephone or internet;

4. Our warehouse has the most commonly used accessories, which can be provided to users as soon as possible when needed;

5. Each forging diathermy furnace we provide also provides matching tools, such as inductor, guide rail, coil (vulnerable parts);

6. We are willing to provide our experience in workpiece inspection, analysis, calculation, equipment transformation, product change and program expansion.

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