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Four advantages tell you that long bar induction heat treatment machine is essential!

Four advantages tell you that long bar induction heat treatment machine is essential!

Compared with the convectional heating, long bar induction heat treatment machine is very energy-efficient. High-speed variable medium-frequency high-voltage current flowing through the coil will produce a high-speed variable alternating magnetic field. When the long bar is placed on it, the surface of the long bar will have a cutting alternating magnetic force line and alternating current (eddy current) will be produced in the material. The eddy current makes the iron atoms move at high speed and irregularly, and the atoms collide with each other, friction and so on. The material can generate heat energy, thereby heating the goods. That is, by converting electric energy into magnetic energy, the heated steel surface produces an inductive eddy current for heating. This method fundamentally solves the problem of low thermal efficiency caused by resistive heating, such as electrothermal sheet, electrothermal coil and so on.

Heating advantages of bar quenching and tempering furnace

1. Internal heating method is adopted for high-efficiency, energy-saving and rapid heating, that is, the long bar is heated by inductive current and the average preheating time is shortened by two-thirds compared with the resistance coil heating method. At the same time, the thermal efficiency is as high as 95%, and the energy-saving effect can reach 30-70%.

2. The special cable structure is used in heating part of low production cost and high product quality, which can bear the temperature above 1300 ℃ and has a service life of more than 5 years. There is no maintenance cost in the later period. Electromagnetic heating is through electromagnetic induction to make the bars internal automatic heating, heat utilization rate as high as 95%, so the bars can be fully and uniformly heated, thereby improving product quality.

3. The reliable, controllable and adjustable main engine adopts the advanced industrial panel with microelectronic control, multi-channel intelligent closed-loop system and perfect protection function, which can effectively avoid the aging of the main engine and ensure the long-term safe and stable operation of the induction heating furnace.

4. Improve working environment, there is no high temperature on the equipment surface, so the worker can touch by hand. This effectively improves the enthusiasm of workers, reduces the cost of traditional cooling facilities.



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