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Forever long bar induction heat treatment machine process!

Forever long bar induction heat treatment machine process!

Medium frequency long bar induction heat treatment machine is specially manufactured by Hebei Forever, which has the advantage of induction heating equipment industry, providing the perfect solution of medium frequency long bar induction heat treatment machine. Please let us know the long bar diameter, length and hourly capacity, then Forever engineer will provide the right proposal for your reference. 

Located in the Wuqiao county, famous for acrobatics base, Forever has lower labor cost, water and electricity cost than the big cities, so we can provide more economical long bar induction heat treatment machine for the users. After year’s experience for the steel bar quenching furnace, we can help you to build process recipe to get the qualified products that can meet the requirement in the aspect of hardness, toughness, tensile strength and yield strength.

The continuous quenching and tempering furnace process produced by Forever is divided into three parts: the storage table of the steel bar, the automatic alignment and positioning system of the workpiece, the induction heating system for the workpiece entering the heating roller table, the induction heating and cooling system for quenching, the closed-loop temperature control system, and the continuous spraying along the line, so that the workpiece Complete Quenching: The residual water in the workpiece leaks out of the induction heating furnace body on the drain table, and then charge into the tempering holding furnace. The long bar induction heat treatment machine adopts the closed-loop control system of Raytek infrared temperature measurement. The heating is uniform and the oxide scale on the surface of steel bar is less. The qualified rate of finished products is high.

The long bar heat treatment machine has no pollution to the environment, safety, less oxide scale and low cost. The inductor coil is made of refractory material, and the induction heating coil has long service life.

Intermediate frequency long bar induction heat treatment machine adopts PLC control program combined with man-machine interface. It is fully automatic and intelligent production. And this induction machine is easy to operate, and the adjustable parameters with full digital and high depth make you control the medium frequency induction heating and heat treatment equipment handily. The grade management system has multiple protection functions, equipped with a perfect one button restore system. We have rich production experience in the field of induction heating. The toughness, hardness and corrosion resistance of the hardened and tempered steel can meet the relevant national standards. 


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