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Forever high quality steel plate induction hardening equipment

Steel plate hardening equipment has advantages such as speed, accuracy, environmental protection, energy saving, controllability, and repeatability. Forever plate induction quenching furnace adopts mature induction heating technology, high-quality stainless steel materials, and closed-loop temperature control system, and has successfully established friendly cooperation with many large steel enterprises at home and abroad.

Forever Power adopts fully digital intelligent control technology with high cost-effectiveness, stable performance, energy conservation and environmental protection.

The outstanding advantages of steel plate hardening machine :

1. Our steel plate quenching equipment is environmentally friendly: no pollution, noise, and dust;

2. Fast heating speed: induction heating, no oxide layer, small deformation;

3. Strong adaptability: can be applied in industries such as machinery, metallurgy, and automotive parts;

4. Stable performance: With complete protection measures, there is no worry at all;

5. Replacing heating methods such as oxyacetylene flames, coke ovens, salt bath ovens, gas stoves, and oil stoves;

6. The temperature and heating time can be accurately controlled, resulting in high processing quality;

7.  steel plate induction heat treatment furnace can be remotely controlled and equipped with infrared temperature measurement to achieve automatic temperature control, improve heating quality, and simplify worker operations.

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