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Forever customization production for pipe continuous hardening and tempering furnace !

Forever customization production for pipe continuous hardening and tempering furnace !

Forever is located in the beautiful Wuqiao Economic Development Zone, the hometown of acrobatics with convenient transportation and developed economy. Forever is a professional manufacturer of induction continuous quenching and tempering furnace. The external thick oil tubing induction heat treatment furnace is one of the heat treatment equipment of the Forever specialized customization production. Founded in 1999, Forever has more than 20 years of induction heating experience, in these 20 years, Forever continuous quenching and tempering furnace has sold to many countries such as Iran, Serbia, India, Russia, Korea, Taiwan and so on. In the domestic heat treatment field, Forever enjoys a high reputation, which is a large-scale, powerful heat treatment equipment manufacturing Co., Ltd.

Thickened tubing continuous quenching and tempering furnace consists of induction heating power supply, PLC control system, storage rack (feed rack, discharge rack) induction heating system, quenching system, tempering system and other equipment. The production characteristics of Forever equipment:

1.Fast heating, reduce oxidation and decarbonization. Because the principle of thickening oil tube continuous quenching and tempering furnace is electromagnetic induction, heating is generated inside the material. Therefore, the material can be heated rapidly and only a small amount of oxidation.

2.High automation. The system adopts automatic feeding system and automatic unloading machine for automatic operation.

3.Uniform heating. The temperature difference between the surface and the core is very small. Operators can accurately control the temperature of tubing intermediate frequency steel pipe induction heating furnace through the temperature control system to ensure product quality.

4. The machinet is equipped with quick replacement connector, convenient and quick operation.

5.Oil pipe continuous quenching and tempering furnace has low energy consumption and no pollution. Compared with other heating methods, induction heating has the advantages of high heating efficiency, low energy consumption and no pollution.

Forever can not only guarantees the quality, but also guarantees the after-sales service. We have a professional after-sales induction heating service team, which specially solves the problems encountered in various heat treatments for users. Forever’s huge after-sales service system arrives at the user’s site within 48 hours (domestic) after receiving the user’s notification to solve the problem for the user. If you have any questions about heat treatment, please call us for consultation. We will provide you with the most professional solution and quotation of induction heating heat treatment free of charge. 


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