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Five Major maintenance Secrets of Induction heating Furnace

Five Maintenance Secret Books of Induction heat treatment furnace

1. The contact of the bolt and the fastening contactor relay of each component of the device shall be checked regularly. If some problems occur, it shall be repaired in a timely manner and cannot be used to prevent major accidents.

2, when the tap water well water is used as the cooling water source of the induction heating furnace device, the scale is easily accumulated and the cooling effect is influenced.

3. Check whether the wiring of the load is good or not, whether the insulation is reliable: the oxide skin accumulated in the heat-penetrating induction coil is to be cleaned in time; the crack of the heat-insulating lining is to be changed in time; after the furnace lining is updated, attention should be paid to the inspection; the load of the insulated frequency conversion device is set at the working site, The fault is relatively high, and is often neglected, so the maintenance of the load is strengthened, and the fault and the variable frequency power supply are prevented from being an important part of the normal operation of the device.

4. The outside of the silicon controlled die shall be wiped clean with alcohol. The frequency conversion device in operation usually has a special machine room, but the actual operating environment is not ideal in the forging process, and the dust is very strong. in that heat-through quenching process, the device factory is close to the operation equipment such as acid-washing and phosphorization and has more corrosive gas, which can damage the components of the relevant device of the intermediate-frequency furnace, Therefore, it is necessary to pay attention to frequent cleaning and prevent the occurrence of faults;

5. Regularly replace or clean key components of relevant equipment of induction heating furnace. This paper is made up by the manufacturer of Hebei FOREVER Steel Ball Production Line.

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