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Energy saving, environmental protection, smoke-free and dust-free induction heating equipment

Energy saving, environmental protection, smoke-free and dust-free induction heating equipment

Nowadays, the electromagnetic induction heating equipment is used in the billet induction heating machine, steel bar quenching furnace, pipe hardening and tempering furnace and local heating machines. Forever induction heating equipment is energy-saving, environmental protection, smoke-free, dust-free, no emissions, induction heating power supply can achieve high-power running. The induction heating equipment can design user satisfied products according to the needs of users.

Hebei Forever is a enterprise integrating design, production, sales and after-sales service of various kinds of induction heating equipment, which introduces the United States semiconductor company’s dedicated digital processor, using full bridge control technology with industrial-grade stability. At present, it is the most advanced control technology in the field of electromagnetic induction heating equipment, especially suitable for industrial induction electromagnetic heating, which can meet the requirements of long-term uninterrupted operation. The software arithmetic of Forever can accurately control the heating state of various workpieces, making the components of induction heating equipment cooperate accurately and prolong the service life of billet induction heating furnace.

The power advantages of Forever induction heating equipment are:

● Series resonant design, full open rectifier, high power factor and small resonant component.

● The cabinet is equipped with T2 copper bars, which are sandblasted, passivated, low leakage inductance, anti-oxidation and can effectively reduce line loss.

● Intelligent quality monitoring system: real-time monitoring of power supply operation status, powerful database, flexible storage and viewing of process parameters.

● One button quick start: start time 300ms

● Digital circuit wide band adaptation: wide frequency range (1 ~ 50kHz), suitable for many types of workpieces.

● Optical fiber transmission: Adopting imported optical fiber, the transmission speed is fast and the protection ability is strong, which greatly improves the stability and reliability of the whole machine.

● Surge absorption: dedicated incoming reactor to reduce harmonic pollution to the power grid.

● The unique load matching test function can test the load matching situation directly after changing the load.

● Single main panel: avoid the problem of too many contact points and high failure rate caused by the combination of multiple control boards.

● High power factor: No need to compensate the power alone, reduce the cost of electricity and improve the power supply capacity.

● Water and electricity are separated in the power supply layout to avoid the harm of inadvertent leakage to power equipment and improve the safety and reliability.

The protective circuit of bilelt induction heating furnace is perfect: overcurrent, overvoltage, phase absence, overload, overtemperature, water pressure, grounding fault, frequency tracking loss of lock and other protective measures.



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