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Energy Saving and Environmental Protection method of Steel Bar heating Furnace

At present, with the phenomenon of resource abuse becoming more and more serious, the state puts forward that under the condition that the solid waste is reduced, harmless, and resourced, the suppliers of induction heating equipment have the potential to study the green and energy-saving mode of production. It has greatly promoted the development of Induction heat treatment furnace  These benefits to the society are infinite, in line with the sustainable development strategy put forward by the state, the strengthening of environmental protection solves the worry of the development of induction heating furnace, but also opens up a new point of economic growth.

With the increase of the number of suppliers of induction heating equipment, the market competition becomes more and more fierce. It is the general trend to increase the green energy-saving production of induction heating equipment. However, in the process of the rapid development of steel bar heating furnace, the concept of induction heating and the application of induction heating technology in China are still far from those of developed countries. For the use of induction heating technology, it is also of great value, but in order to advocate these policies put forward by the country, manufacturers advocate that the steel bar heating furnace should take the road of environmental protection and low carbon development in the future. This is in line with the line of our country.

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Post time: 04-01-2019